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Backup Data Across Multiple Accounts

Table of Contents

Here is the set of instructions showing you how to set up multiple AWS accounts. A common use case for this setup is to use one AWS account to store your backups created using Elastio and a second account for your production workloads.

How to set up both AWS accounts

Note: These instructions only work for creating the following backup types: file, stream, and block.

1. The first AWS account (for backups)

The first part of the process is to follow the Elastio guide on how to set up your AWS account with the CloudFormation stack in any of our supported regions.

Here is a step-by-step guide to setting up your AWS account with the CloudFormation stack:

  1. Connect the [Tenant][elastio-tenant-url]
  2. Deploy the [Elastio Cloudformation Stack][elastio-service-url]

2. The second AWS account (for production)

Follow this step-by-step list of instructions to install the Elastio, and other components needed in this AWS account:

  1. Provision an EC2 instance(in any region) to be your Elastio control center
  2. Install the Elastio CLI
  3. Configure the [AWS CLI][aws-cli-url]{: target=”_blank”} to your backup account using the correct configuration for the region that you deployed Elastio into

Perform and restore backups

Now you can use the Elastio CLI to create and restore backups.