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Manage Access Tokens

You can manage your Elastio access tokens through the Elastio CLI as follows:

Note: The following points bear reference to this topic:

  • The access token management functionality is only available when the Elastio CLI is configured using elastio configure.
  • You can only use the Elastio CLI to create an access token if you have configured the CLI with an access token generated via your Elastio Tenant account.
  • To create an access token via the Elastio CLI, you have to specify this token’s scope.

The steps to create an access token are as follows:

Step 1:

Use this command to return a list of possible access token scopes:

elastio tenant token list-scopes

Step 2:

Use the following command to create an access token from the Elastio CLI, including the required scopes:

elastio tenant token issue --name <token-name> --scopes <scope1> <scope2>

Step 3:

Run the following command to return a list of all the available access tokens:

elastio tenant token list