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Elastio CLI

The Elastio CLI is an alternative interface to your Elastio Tenant. As a command-line interface, it can be used to perform backups, restores, recovery point mounts, user and access token management, as well as all other Elastio components management.

Elastio can be installed on any Windows, Linux or macOS machine in such environments as:

  • Amazon EC2 instances
  • Azure VMs
  • GCP VMs
  • Digital Ocean Droplets
  • Linode instances
  • Hetzner Bare-Metal servers
  • Hetzner cloud VMs
  • Local machines

It should be installed on a machine (physical or virtual) with the correct credentials to your AWS account installed.

The Elastio CLI is placed inside of a pipeline, or terminal, for on demand protection and recovery of files, filesystems, streams, block devices, databases, AWS EBS, AWS EC2, containers and virtual machines.

The Elastio CLI allows you to perform such operations as backups and restores. To learn more about these operations, visit the Protect and Restore section.

Elastio recovery point (RP) mount functionality can be used to restore files without restoring an entire EBS volume or block device from backup. The instructions on this functionality are here.

It is possible to run integrity checks for security threats in recovery points. To find out more about Elastio Integrity Scan , navigate to the Integrity Scan section.

In addition to the UI interface, you can manage the Elastio Tenant through the CLI as well. The details are here.

Elastio vaults can be managed through the Elastio CLI in different ways. To view more information, go to the Manage Vaults page.

Additionally, the Elastio CLI allows you to manage your Elastio Cloud Connector(s). Navigate to the Manage Cloud Connectors page to learn the details.

The Elastio CLI can be easily integrated into any CI/CD pipeline of the most platforms and can be scripted in Bash, Python and Powershell. Just with a few lines of code you can build application protection into your CI/CD pipeline to assure your applications are protected as they are deployed. To augment your current security tooling, Elastio helps to detect ransomware, crypto miners, trojans and other malware hiding in backups. The malware engine is updated daily with the latest known malware.