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Cloud Connector

The Cloud Connector is one of the components of Elastio stack that provides proper infrastructure for performing Elastio operations. It is responsible for the communication with your Elastio Tenant, backup and restore operations, scanning your application recovery points for security threats, monitoring the progress of jobs, and storing the backed up data.

The Cloud Connector is deployed into your AWS account, so the protected data never leaves your control. To deploy a Cloud Connector, you will first need to connect an Elastio Tenant to your AWS account. To proceed with deployment, you will need to select a region you want to install Elastio into. One Cloud Connector is deployed in one AWS region. Currently, it is possible to deploy it in the following AWS regions:

  • us-east-1
  • us-east-2
  • us-west-2
  • eu-central-1
  • ap-southeast-2

Being a part of the Cloud Connector, a vault is deployed into your AWS account as well. When deploying a vault, you will need to select a VPC you want to deploy it to and one or more subnets within that VPC. Be advised that different configurations of the VPC and the subnet(s) may affect the process of deployment. To find more about possible configurations, visit the Prerequisites for Elastio Deployment page.

Vault creation requires such AWS resources as S3 bucket, AWS Batch, Dynamo DB tables, ECS clusters, KMS keys, etc.

Generally, you can deploy one or several vaults. The deployment of multiple vaults provides logical isolation of your backed up data, including an isolated dedupe namespace per vault.

Note: currently, the max number of the vaults created per region is 7.

The infrastructure of the Cloud Connector consists of the following services:

  • Catalog (for recovery points storage and DynamoDB tables management)
  • Provisioner (for ScaleZ server initiation and ECS tasks creation)
  • Job status (for the jobs progress monitoring)
  • Background jobs (the service is responsible for the initiation of background jobs (AWS EC2 backup, AWS EC2 restore, AWS EBS backup and AWS EBS restore) with the help of AWS batch)
  • Integrity Checks (for reports related to technical issues in your AWS account)
  • Inventory (the service sends messages about changes in the state of AWS EC2 and AWS EBS assets with the help of AWS bridge)

Note: KMS key is needed for encryption and provides access to S3 bucket, where the protected data is stored.

To perform backup and restore operations, the Cloud Connector communicates with ScaleZ. ScaleZ is Elastio’s custom-developed backup storage engine that stores data and metadata in a deduplicated, compressed and encrypted form in an S3 bucket. The engine utilizes AWS spot instances for its compute resources when an Elastio operation is requested. To manage the lifetime of ephemeral AWS spot instances, Provisioner - a Cloud Connector service, is used. The service launches and shuts down a compute instance automatically, so there is no need to do it manually.

The Cloud Connector utilizes AWS Lambda functions for implementation of the application logic. Additionally, it utilizes DynamoDB tables for storing the data related to vaults, recovery points and information about the protected assets.