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Enhancements, Fixes, and Known Issues 03/01/2022

Table of Contents

This release marks an important milestone for Elastio. Elastio is as of now in a production ready state, with all on-disk structures and APIs stabilized so future versions will not require cleaning the account and deleting previous backups. As of this version, Elastio is now suitable for use in production with mission-critical data.

The following enhancements, fixes, and known issues are found in this release, dated 03/01/2022:


  • Add indication that CloudConnector requires an update on source page
  • Provide the ability to apply installation once again on the existing CloudConnector
  • Add Filters to the Instances, Volumes, Local Hosts Assets pages
  • Add submenus to Job page
  • Modify columns on Recovery Points page
  • Modify tables for individual Recovery Point page
  • Display integrity check on RP page
  • Dashboard - fix navigation on the RP from circles
  • Add the possibility to include Assets from different Sources to one Plan
  • Create Reports and Iscan Reports pages
  • Fix Plans table Assets column count
  • Asset filter should not be removed when returning from the recovery point page to the assets parent page
  • Remove and fix label on tenant/storage page based on the fact if it is empty or not
  • Fix dashboard hover over
  • Fix assets page region column


  • Implement elastio vault deploy --import
  • Introduce --force flag for elastio vault delete operation
  • Ensure ntfs-3g is installed on background job runners
  • Reduce the permissions on the IAM roles for Elastio components to the minimum necessary
  • Fix –rp @ for ec2 instance asset sources invalidly filtering the RP
  • Add subnet validation for background jobs
  • Implement restore of MBR disks with smart autopartitioning
  • Alma Linux 8 and Rocky Linux 8 support added


  • iscan is available as a background job
  • elastio iscan panic with “entered unreachable code: Bug: Child job for this item already exists” fixed
  • elastio iscan parent job marked as completed successfully when a child job failed is fixed
  • elastio iscan generates invalid output when called programmatically - fixed
  • iscan fails for the ec2 RP if instance has more than 1 volume - fixed

Bug Fixes

  • Restore of root filesystem is failing with error “numeric field was not a number: when getting cksum”
  • Backup statistic provides incorrect data
  • --exclude-glob option in elastio file backup excluding all files from backup if invalid or containing directory glob is passed
  • EBS restore background job fails with out of memory after 20GB data restore