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Enhancements, Fixes, and Known Issues 06/02/2022

Table of Contents

The following enhancements, fixes, and known issues are found in this release, dated 06/02/2022:


  • Add default plans to all tenant upon tenant creation
  • Update report templates
  • Reports table icon and label changed
  • Improve filtering on the Reports page
  • Add an email notification when a user’s role is changed
  • Add a Download button to output the details of the report
  • Connect default plans to new API


  • Database optimizations
  • Make job data/results json representation consistent
  • Add elastio rp tag to Elastio CLI
  • Reduce verbosity of debug log events from some components
  • Add replication events logging
  • Add lambda:TagResource permission to IAM policy due to AWS changes
  • Add support for --subnet parameter to background jobs
  • Fix parameters validation order in background jobs
  • Optimize scheduler service
  • Update GCC on Debian 9 and CentOS 7 / Amazon Linux 2
  • Ask confirmation for destructive operations
  • Support Linux kernel 5.16
  • Implement Scalez Stor DB locking on S3
  • Load iscan ransomware v2 configuration from file

Bug Fixes

  • Footer element overlaps with bottom pagination options
  • Remove Asset tag column on the Others tab
  • Error retrieving credentials for the Cloud Connector after AWS connection loss
  • The ListAWSVpc endpoint fails if one of regions is disabled
  • Fix login issue “checks.state argument is missing”
  • First page after login should be On Boarding not Sources
  • Some iccan reports are not displayed properly
  • Incorrect time in iscan reports
  • Associate jobs with the source assets
  • Fix error message for missing artifacts on updating stack
  • Fix Task description of iscan
  • Both EC2 and it’s EBS volume can be added to the same backup plan using option “Select assets by tags”
  • elastio iscan allows passing the same --path more than once
  • Writable mounts of EBS wrong behavior
  • Despite the error a volume is restored in AWS
  • elastio file restore is asking to overwrite restore target directory even if it does not exist before restore command is executed
  • EC2/EBS backup/restore without --vault flag results in an error
  • Handle out of memory error due to intense writes while snapshot is active
  • Vault worker termination on backup makes the backup fail and terminal freeze
  • Vault worker termination on attach results in pending backup
  • Block backup sometimes fails with “Kolobok error” on scheduled backups
  • “Kolobok error” appears at the end of the job if s0 server was terminated
  • “Essential container in task exited” error if using different stack and CLI version
  • EC2 backup panics if the previous EBS snapshot was empty
  • CLI installation fails for ARM instances
  • iscan of RP appears to hang when there’s not enough memory
  • Elastio iscan ransomware check v2 doesn’t always detect infected files
  • Anti-malware scan fails with “Cannot load Anti-malware database” error
  • iscan finishes silently without output on infected RP
  • elastio iscan produces a flood of warnings
  • iscan fails with “Anti-malware license serial number has expired” error
  • Ransomware scan v2 fails on unicode characters
  • iscan fails with “Cannot locate iscan-am-server”