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Enhancements, Fixes, and Known Issues 02/09/2022

Table of Contents

The following enhancements, fixes, and known issues are found in this release, dated 02/09/2022:


  • New catalog format is used by default. This is a big change which may have broken backup, restore, or mount workflows, so please verify all of your usual use cases are still working properly. Report any issues you encounter.
  • A new support flow has been introduced: any issue encountered should be reported via Intercom, Slack channel can be used for other comments, requests and discussions


  • Fix description font on Jobs page
  • Fix text at top of Assets page
  • Remove the “Deployment Status” header from the Cloud Installer
  • Fix up date selector for Dashboard and Jobs window
  • Add New Access Token’ page sometimes can’t be loaded
  • Create Recovery Point page
  • Fix job type for file backup
  • On Dashboard remove the resource-id from the bubbles
  • Remove State column and Asset name column from Asset page
  • Fix inventory to gather all assets ( stopped, running, not terminated )
  • Disable “Mount” command for assets that are not EBS, BLOCK or EC2


  • Validate VPC subnets to have “auto-assign public IPv4 address” in background jobs
  • Deprecated the elastio stack deploy command
  • elastio job list output should include start and end dates and sort properly
  • Update pre-defined IAM policies with catalog2 lambdas
  • Save vault stack version in the catalog v2 table
  • Fixed CLI install without drivers failing and closing PS window on Windows 11
  • Elastio block backup of mounted volume located on disk without partition
  • Backup of root filesystem contain empty “/dev”, “/proc”, “/sys” and “/run” directories
  • Fixed elastio iscan entering infinite loop while processing some EBS snapshots

Known Issues

  • The current version might be unstable due to catalog v2 introduction
  • elastio stream restore examples do not match current syntax implementation
  • Clicking “Restore” button on the file recovery point in Tenant Console results in the incorrect command being displayed