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Enhancements, Fixes, and Known Issues 04/15/2022

Table of Contents

The following enhancements, fixes, and known issues are found in this release, dated 04/15/2022:


  • Create On Boarding page and flows
  • Fix up Integrity Scan page
  • Add link to recovery point for all backup jobs
  • Add the ability for UI to show when catalog processing is blocked by errors
  • Add checkboxes for sub rows on the add/edit plan page
  • Initial refactoring of Dashboard implementation
  • Display the Malware / Ransomware tab only if the results are available
  • Make the version readable
  • Right justify numbers
  • For file and stream recovery points provide the commands to restore the full RP as well as individual files
  • Add Protected / Unprotected filter to the Assets filter button
  • Remove the “Plan”column for the Others tab under Assets
  • Add label “No Backups” if the asset has never been backed up
  • Remove “Manual installer” flow from Elastio Tenant
  • Redesign the Cloud Installer page
  • Missing Plan name in the Asset table
  • The Sources / Assets should not be 0 for a paused plan
  • Default workers are showing up again in the asset list
  • Assets tags are not being updated automatically
  • Instance status is not being updated properly
  • “Cloud Connector install” parent job should be “In progress” not “Scheduled”
  • Recovery points are empty for stream backups
  • Fix error message on “Link source”
  • Fix recovery point icons based on kind
  • Fix EC2 and EBS restore window commands


  • Improve elastio job list filtering
  • Implement vault soft deletion in catalog v2
  • Revisit pin implementation in provisioner
  • Add permissions for cost reports
  • Refactor iscan subcommand

Bug Fixes

  • Job transitions to the Failed state before becoming successful for EC2 backup
  • Fix --rp @ for EC2 instance asset sources invalidly filtering the RP
  • Cloud Connector 0.12.0 installation fails with access denied
  • elastio ebs restore --shrink max hangs with parent job failed
  • EBS restore with –shrink “leave” freezes
  • RPs are broken if first ebs backup was done for clean volume without FS
  • EBS backup fails with “Agentless API error… is not authorized to perform: ebs:ListSnapshotBlocks”
  • Panic when restoring RP created using dynamoDB backup script
  • If iscan fails on mount, it does not clean up
  • Application panics when trying to restore stream file with no data
  • Aborted stream backup creates rp with no data
  • elastio iscan malware segfaults
  • Block ingest is failing for the md raid device
  • Catalog service failed: SnapshotCreationPerVolumeRateExceeded during EC2/EBS backup