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Elastio Tenant

As described in the Elastio Overview, an Elastio Tenant is a logically separated instance of Elastio dedicated to a specific customer. Each Elastio Tenant has its own users (team members), roles with permissions granting or denying access to various Elastio operations, sources (associated AWS accounts) and a dedicated subdomain. Your Elastio Tenant can automatically deploy Elastio stack updates, communicate with the Elastio Cloud Connector(s) deployed in your AWS account(s), monitor the status of jobs, and alert you when something is wrong.

Creating an Elastio Tenant will allow you to deploy Elastio and use its main functionalities. Deploying Elastio stack into your AWS account and inviting team members is accomplished easily through your Tenant. You can also schedule continuous backups for your AWS EBS and AWS EC2 assets and automate the scanning of all recovery points for ransomware and malware after a backup is complete.

The Elastio Tenant Dashboard with its widgets and tables provide the information related to the Integrity Scan results, protected assets and their number, accounts enabled with Elastio and the amount of data stored in these accounts.

Below you may find a detailed description of each Elastio Tenant section.