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Jobs execute background tasks, including backup and restore operations, as well as integrity checks. They are initiated when performing agentless EBS and EC2 operations. Jobs run in the same account where Elastio is deployed. They also automatically run in the correct region for the resources being managed.

List jobs

Run the following command to list all the jobs in the Cloud Connector:

elastio job list

There are various ways to filter the elastio job list output, including the following:

  • --status with allowed values: P/pending, S/starting, R/running, F/failed, A/aborted, S/successful
  • --exclude with the same allowed values as --status
  • --vault <vault-name> to filter jobs by vault name
  • --kind to filter by job kind, example input is: elastio:file:backup

Cancel jobs

The following command can be used to cancel a job:

elastio job abort --abort-token --job-id

The two mandatory flags that must be added to this command are as follows:

  • --abort-token

  • --job-id

Monitor jobs

Use the following command to monitor a job run:

elastio job monitor --job-id <job-id>