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Monitor the Progress

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Elastio jobs execute background tasks, including deploying Elastio resources, backup and restore operations and integrity checks. Background jobs are initiated when performing agentless EBS and EC2 operations and integrity checks. Background jobs run in the same account as the Elastio. They also automatically run in the correct region for the resources respectively. Other kinds of jobs are foreground backups and restores, such as block, file or stream.

Monitor jobs in the Elastio Tenant

All jobs show up on the Jobs page which can be accessible through the On Boarding page. The page displays the current status or the job and its result. The Jobs table shows a Job Type, its Task, the Date the operation was scheduled on, the Date of its completion and the Status of the Job.

Figure 1: The Jobs table

Figure 1: The Jobs table

The task of the job carries the description of the operation performed by the Elastio.

The “Scheduled on” date displays the date the operation was initiated. The “Completed on” date displays the date when the operation has reached it’s logical end.

The Status of the job shows the progress of the operation.

In order to find a job of a particular type, apply the respective filter.

Figure 2 : The Jobs filters

Figure 2: The Jobs filters

Clicking on the plus sign will show the detailed progress of the parent job, as well as the status of the child jobs included in the operation.

Figure 3 : The Jobs progress

Figure 3: The Jobs progress

Monitor jobs through Elastio CLI

You can also monitor the progress of the operations through Elastio CLI. Use the following command to monitor a job run:

elastio job monitor --job-id <job-id>