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Elastio Tenant

Creating an Elastio Tenant is a necessary step to utilize the Elastio platform.Elastio Tenant is a separate instance of the Elastio software for each customer, allowing for deployment and use of key functions. It manages multiple accounts, automatic updates, communicates with Cloud Connectors, monitors for cyber threats and vulnerabilities, monitors backup, restore and integrity scan job status, and sends alerts as configured. Tenants also have a dedicated subdomain, learn now to create a tenant here.

The deployment of the Elastio service into your AWS account must be done from the Elastio Tenant. To find out more about the process of deployment, click here.

An Elastio Tenant allows for flexible backup policies for AWS EBS and EC2 assets, automatically scans recovery points for ransomware and malware, and tests for recoverability. It also provides information on recoverability index, SLA levels, and the status of protected assets.

The Tenant also includes a Dashboard for monitoring recoverability, SLA levels, protected assets, data vulnerabilities and more.

Team members can be added and given roles with specific permissions. More information about this is here.