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ScaleZ Vault Service

Elastio ScaleZ vault service is an enterprise-grade, cloud-native microservice that is secured in the customer’s account and deeply integrated into the AWS security model and services. It runs in customer accounts and the customer data never leaves the network.

ScaleZ includes 4 modules:

  • ScaleZ Provisioner Service
  • ScaleZ Data Service
  • ScaleZ Cyber Resilience Service
  • Elastio CLI

ScaleZ Provisioner Service provides compute resources for backup, recovery, and data security operations by leveraging the AWS EC2 spot fleet and automatically scaling up, scaling out, and scaling to zero based on demand, without any management or manual provisioning required by the customer.

ScaleZ Data Service manages backups and is backed by AWS S3 object storage. It includes built-in global deduplication and compression, end-to-end encryption, unlimited retention policies, mountable recovery points, immutable storage leveraging S3 ObjectLock, and metadata primitives for high-performance data security analysis and recoveries. All data is encrypted on the vault level. The encryption is performed in AWS using KMS keys. Each vault has its own KMS key.

ScaleZ Cyber Resilience Service performs inline threat detection and response and recovery testing on all backups, and leverages the primitives in the ScaleZ Vault Service for high-performance incremental analysis. It supports EC2, EBS, EFS, and file backups and will be expanded to support additional cyber resilience capabilities. Recovery testing will expand to RDS and customer hosted Postgres in the near term.