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Elastio Cyber Recovery

Elastio Cyber Recovery Service for AWS

Elastio is a cloud-native Cyber Recovery Platform for AWS that provides protection for cloud apps against ransomware, application failures, and other security vulnerabilities by scanning for malware and creating clean restore points. It utilizes agentless automation to detect new workloads in AWS and trigger cyber backups, ensuring all resources are protected and providing compliance reports to meet SOC 2, cyber insurance carrier, and internal auditor requirements.

Proactive threat detection using ML, signatures, and heuristics prevents backing up ransomware and malware, and isolated malware and ransomware can be sandboxed for forensic and response analysis. Elastio’s Cyber Backups are cloud-native, clean, immutable recovery points that are deduplicated and compressed, resulting in 50-80% savings over snapshot solutions.

Elastio is a service deployed in an AWS account of your choosing, ensuring that your data remains resident within your network and under your control. The service is managed from a SaaS tenant specifically created for you and is designed to never touch your data.

DevOps Inspired

Elastio’s Cyber Recovery Platform is DevOps inspired for developers to help businesses quickly recover from incidents and security threats by automating the recovery process within their development pipeline. It provides DevOps teams with protection against malware and ransomware exposure throughout the entire application lifecycle, from development to production, enabling agile teams to deploy applications with confidence. With its flexible tooling, Elastio can support data of any type from any application workflow, making it an ideal solution for businesses looking to secure their digital assets and minimize downtime in the event of an incident.

Supported Services and Data Sources

Elastio supports Amazon EC2, Amazon EBS, Amazon EKS, Amazon EFS, block devices, containers, databases and tables, files and streams. The Elastio team is rapidly expanding service support based on current demand from our customers. If you would like Elastio to support an additional cloud service, please send the request to [email protected].