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Open Source Licenses

A complete list of open source dependencies used by various Elastio components, as well as copyright notices and license texts as required by the licenses of those dependencies, can be found at the links below:

LGPL Compliance

Our Linux changed block tracking driver, elastio-snap, is licensed under the GPL. The source code for elastio-snap and a copy of the GPL text is available on GitHub at elastio/elastio-snap.

The repo includes a copy of the source code for libelastio-snap, the userland library which interfaces with the elastio-snap kernel module. libelastio-snap is licensed under the LGPL.

This library is used exclusively by the Linux version of the elastio CLI. To substitute Elastio’s version of libelastio-snap with your own (possibly modified) version, you must compile a shared library called (in the repo do make library-shared to do this easily) and ensure that library is somewhere in the library load path when invoking elastio.

Note that your version of this library must have the exact same exported symbols, with the exact same signatures, as the official Elastio version, otherwise it will not work. If elastio isn’t loading your shared object and you want to see why, run elastio in debug mode by setting the ELASTIO_LOG env var to debug. elastio logs debug events when trying to load the shared object, and if it fails the error reason is included in a debug level log event.