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Enhancements, Fixes, and Known Issues 05/03/2022

The following enhancements, fixes, and known issues are found in this release, dated 05/03/2022:


  • A filter by recovery point ID was added to the Recovery Points page.
  • Restore pop-up window was fitted on the screen for different screen resolutions.
  • Stream restore window will now provide a suggestion to save stream data into a file.
  • Changed the live chat icon to “? Get support”.
  • Block recovery point from local machine now has command to restore it provided in the restore pop-up.
  • “Access Denied” page was redesigned.
  • “Manual Installer flow” was removed from Elastio Tenant.
  • “Cloud Installer” page was improved to include more selectors to specify the target region and VPC to deploy to.
  • A link to recovery point was added for all backup jobs on the Jobs page.
  • “Region” column was added to the “Others” page.
  • “Upgrade Elastio” page and Upgrade option were added to the Source page.
  • A command to deploy Elastio through the CLI was added to the “Cloud Installer” page.
  • “Protected/Unprotected” filter was added to the Assets page.
  • User should return to previous page when exiting any of the “On Boarding” flows now.


  • Host override is now always be honored for stream, file, and block backups even from EC2 instances.
  • CloudWatch logs should only contain INFO or higher level log events.
  • elastio stream restore overwrite logic was refactored.
  • Support automation was added to the Tenant.
  • Support for underscores in vault names was added.

Bug Fixes

  • Incorrect behavior during backup of existing file with wrong path would sometimes occur. This was fixed.
  • Ec2 backup would sometimes fail if EC2 had more than 11 EBS volumes attached to it.
  • elastio:nobackup and elastio:resource=true tags were added on EBS volumes belonging to the Elastio worker EC2 instances.
  • Misconfigured file appears after block backup on Windows if backup was taken during write on disk. This was fixed.
  • Interactive mode in elastio file restore would ignore the “q” (quit) option. This was fixed.
  • Inability to backup two or more partitions one by one on Debian11 was fixed.
  • Sometimes iscan would fail with “Essential container in task exited” error. This was fixed.
  • Malware scan background child job would fail in sme cases with “Anti-malware SDK returned error C000001D” in CloudWatch. This was fixed.
  • elastio iscan malware would experience a segfault in some cases. This was fixed.