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Enhancements, Fixes and Known Issues 04/08/2024

The following enhancements, fixes, and known issues are found in this release, dated 04/08/2024

Expanded Coverage

Backup Connector for Veeam (BCV)

The Veeam Backup Connector was delivered to customers on VMWare and supports vCenter and vCloudDirector implementations. We will expand support to HyperV, Azure, and AWS in the near future and based on customer demand.

Live protection for S3 buckets

This feature provides Elastio malware scanning coverage for live S3 Buckets. S3 is a widely used AWS storage service where enterprises keep massive volumes of data, making ransomware protection very important. It’s a point-in-time and scheduled scan. Support for object selection by prefixes, keys, and globs is included.

UI Enhancements

Improved dashboard loading

By loading the template first, the UI now loads more quickly and smoothly, creating a better user experience. For large customers, this takes many minutes (20m). We have now reduced it to many seconds (30s). Further optimizations will come.

Threats page added

Customers now have the ability to view all the files with active threats on one page, enabling them to monitor the scope of infection much more quickly.

Added first-level support for backup connectors into the console

With this feature, our backup connector customers can now view the results of the backup connector scans on the UI. We will deepen this capability with specialized backup connector dashboards that will provide more consumable data about the integrity of all assets protected by the backup connector.

Improved User Experience

AWS Operational Reports

This feature enables Elastio users to generate PDF reports that provide a status update on Elastio’s activity, scan results, and billing metrics. It is a consumable and shareable resource.

Optimized scans for Active Protection for S3

Reduced the cost of the scan by 60-80% and the time of scans by 50%.

Elastio - ServiceNow and AWSSecurity Integration

We created a special webhook for ServiceNow integration. In addition, all Elastio alerts are automatically sent to AWS SecurityHub in the region(s), where Elastio is deployed. Most major SIEM and Ticketing platforms support SecurityHub and can now ingest Elastio alerts.

Filesystem check results were added to alerts that are pushed to SecurityHub

This deepens the integration with SecurityHub and enables Elastio/SecurityHub users to process all Elastio alerts from one source.

Enhanced iScan Job Description Customization for Improved Server and Recovery Point Information in UI and Reports

This is a stopgap feature that allows us to show the metadata of the servers and recovery points on the UI and reports. This helps customers show the server name and path in the way they want, allowing us to serve them as we build a complete asset/inventory model.

Restore speed improvements

This feature significantly improves the speed of restores when we have access to an existing snapshot in AWS. The restore speeds are improved 10x or more in some cases.

Elastio scan was improved to support non-UTF8 paths and mount points

With this feature, Elastio supports different languages and scripts in the scan paths, broadening our scan capabilities.

EFS scans were enhanced to support environments with custom DNS settings

We now support the scans for EFS customers with custom DNS settings.

Improved Incremental backup performance

Incremental backups of mostly unchanged data were optimized for better performance.

Elastio scans of NTFS file systems have been optimized for maximum read speed

This launch includes a lot of changes to improve the speed of our scans for NTFS file system scans.

Bug Fixes

  • In some cases, S3 scan would fail when the bucket does not have any tags. This was fixed.

  • Previously S3 iScan would fail in cases where the bucket is empty, this behavior was improved to report 0 results.

  • In rare cases, EBS, EC2 or AWS RP ingest would fail if the newly created snapshot cannot be tagged, this was fixed.

  • Previously, EC2 / EBS backups would fail if a volume was encrypted with Elastio vault encryption KMS key. This behavior was improved to allow encryption of arbitrary EBS volumes with this key.