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Enhancements, Fixes, and Known Issues 05/12/2022

The following enhancements, fixes, and known issues are found in this release, dated 05/12/2022:


  • A new Vault page was implemented in Tenant.
  • The ability to edit Description on Vault page was added to the Tenant.
  • Descriptions for Assets/Instances, Assets/Volumes, Assets/Others pages were added to Tenant.
  • Side menu scroll was added to the Tenant.
  • Reports table icon and label were updated.
  • Asset tag column on the Others page was removed as local machine cannot have tags.
  • An option to enable disabled team member was introduced to the Team Members section of the Tenant Settings.
  • Email notification for role changes for team members was added to the Tenant.
  • Added versions of CFN, Cloud Connector and Vault to the Sources page in Tenant.
  • Increased Tenant stability.


  • Delete User endpoint was added to the Tenant backend.
  • Activate User endpoint was added to the Tenant backend.
  • Vault Region field was introduced for Generic Host assets to display where the backups of the assets is stored.
  • iscan reports would no longer be stored in the database, but are now moved to job attachments.
  • Filtering was improved on Reports page.
  • iscan reports can now be accessed through the Elastio CLI.
  • elastio ec2 restore now allows security group override in Elastio CLI.
  • Ransomware v2 model was integrated into iscan.
  • Asset ID is now reported back after mounting a recovery point.

Bug Fixes

  • Backup operations would sometimes fail with ScaleZ server is unavailable. This was fixed.
  • Disabled user was able to login into the Tenant. This was fixed.
  • Install on ARM instances was not working properly. This was fixed.
  • Filters would not get reset correctly. This was fixed.
  • It would sometimes be impossible to re-run the upgrade after it partly failed. This was fixed.
  • Backup policies were not running when the Cloud Connector was in the “Upgrade Required” state. This was fixed.
  • Vault creation Task description was incorrect on Jobs page. This was fixed.
  • Recovery points were displayed in wrong format for backups on local machines. This was fixed.
  • Assets with “Name” tag key were not covered by backup policies using “Select assets by tags”. This was fixed.
  • iscan reports which have empty asset_id and/or recovery_point_id will be handled correctly from now on.
  • Scalez error during stream restore would occur if vault was not explicitly specified. This was fixed.
  • Vault delete would sometimes fail with ‘Vault has active leases’ error. This was fixed.
  • Job would transition to the Failed state before the successful EC2 backup. This was fixed.
  • EBS backup would fail in some occasions if snapshot was created manually. This was fixed.
  • If iscan failed on mount, it did not clean up. This was fixed.
  • User-created mount point was previously deleted by elastio umount command. This was fixed.
  • elastio umount on the device when it’s busy caused an error. This was fixed.
  • File restore overwrite behavior was improved.
  • “Failed to open volume” error during the restore was fixed.