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Enhancements, Fixes, and Known Issues 01/13/2022

The following enhancements, fixes, and known issues are found in this release, dated 01/13/2022:


  • The AWS account is now scanned for all EC2 and EBS assets upon deployment. The assets identified are listed in the Tenant Assets section as unprotected assets.
  • All possible info about EC2 instances including the EBS tags are stored and displayed in the Elastio Tenant on the Assets page.
  • Elastio worker EC2 instances and related EBS volumes will not appear in inventory in Elastio Tenant from now on.
  • Data reduction metrics were improved.
  • Volume ID filter was added to the asset filters.
  • A background check if the CloudFormation stack is present in the account and is fully deployed was added to the deployment flow to increase stability.
  • Integrity Scan check box and scroll bar were added to the protection dialog window.
  • The deployment flow was simplified by redirecting the user to the jobs page filtered by the corresponding jobs type.


  • Ability to force abort job or all jobs without abort token was added to the Elastio CLI.
  • Retries were added to terraform init to improve deploy stability.
  • EC2 instance launch template to propagate tags to EBS volumes was created.
  • Additional options selectors were added to backup policies.
  • Catalog lambdas were split by their permissions to simplify usage.
  • Catalog v2 database model was defined.
  • Asset ID rendering for catalog v2 was implemented.

Bug Fixes

  • Empty backup stats would sometimes appear on Recovery Point page. This was fixed.
  • Protected assets were not re-synced in the Tenant after reconnecting the Cloud Connector. This was fixed.
  • “Failed to invoke lambda” error would appear on the “Jobs” page after enabling a region with the Cloud Connector already present. This was fixed.
  • SQLx would hold connections and they were not getting reused and freed up. This was fixed.
  • The text on “Storage” page in Tenant Settings was improved.
  • Backup dialog page with multiple entries selected would be displayed incorrectly. This was fixed.
  • The default region in the pull-down was set on the Cloud Installer page.
  • Step 2 of the Cloud Installer flow was modified.
  • The amount of requests, memory and CPU usage from the Tenant were limited.
  • --no-delete-contents flag was fixed to retain all recovery points the vault contained.
  • Some ransomware samples required additional action before running. This was fixed.
  • BSOD on Windows 2016 would sometimes occur when attempting to mount a recovery point. This was fixed.
  • elastio mount would not work on Debian 9. This was fixed.
  • Unreadable file was generated after incremental EBS backup in rare cases. This was fixed.
  • Issues with mounts on Linux and Windows were observed under some circumstances. This was fixed.