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Enhancements, Fixes, and Known Issues 04/15/2022

The following enhancements, fixes, and known issues are found in this release, dated 04/15/2022:


  • On Boarding page and flows were created. They contain basic steps that would help the new users to interact with the product. The flows include deploying Elastio to AWS accounts, inviting users to the Tenant, protecting assets and monitoring the progress of various operations.
  • Integrity Scan page was improved.
  • Link to respective recovery point was added for all backup jobs on the Jobs page in the Tenant.
  • The ability for the Tenant to show when catalog processing is blocked by errors was introduced to the Sources page.
  • Checkboxes for sub rows on the “Add/Edit Policy” page were added.
  • Initial refactoring of Dashboard implementation was completed.
  • Reports page should display only the tab that has the scan results if one check was executed only.
  • Right justify numbers in all tables across the Tenant pages.
  • For file and stream recovery points the commands are provided to restore the full recovery point as well as individual files upon request in the Tenant.
  • Protected / Unprotected filter was added to the Assets page in the Tenant.
  • “Policy” column was removed for the “Others” tab in the Assets section in the Tenant.
  • A label “No Backups” would now be added to the asset information is the asset has never been backed up.
  • “Manual installer” flow was removed from the Elastio Tenant.
  • The Cloud Installer page was redesigned.
  • Missing Policy name in the Asset table were fixed.
  • The Sources / Assets would not be 0 anymore for paused policies.
  • Default workers were showing up again in the assets list. This was fixed.
  • Assets tags were not being updated automatically. This was fixed.
  • Instance status was not being updated properly. This was fixed.
  • “Cloud Connector install” parent job was not “In progress” but “Scheduled”. This was fixed.
  • Recovery points were empty for stream backups. This was fixed.
  • Error message on “Link source” page was fixed.
  • Recovery point icons based on kind were fixed to be displayed correctly.
  • EC2 and EBS restore window commands were fixed.


  • elastio job list filtering was improved.
  • Vault soft deletion in catalog v2 was implemented.
  • Permissions for cost modelling and predictions reports were added to Elastio IAM roles.
  • iscan subcommand was refactored to improve performance.

Bug Fixes

  • Job would sometimes transition to the “Failed” state before becoming successful for EC2 backup. This was fixed.
  • --rp @ for EC2 instance asset sources invalidly filtering the recovery points was fixed.
  • Cloud Connector 0.12.0 installation would fail with “Access denied” error. This was fixed.
  • elastio ebs restore --shrink max would sometimes hang with parent job failed. This was fixed.
  • EBS restore with --shrink "leave" option enabled would freeze. This was fixed.
  • Recovery points were broken if first EBS backup was done for clean volume without file system. This was fixed.
  • EBS backup would fail with “Agentless API error… is not authorized to perform: ebs:ListSnapshotBlocks” error. This was fixed.
  • A panic occurred when restoring a recovery point created using dynamoDB backup script. This was fixed.
  • If iscan failed on mount, it did not clean up properly. This was fixed.
  • Application would panic when trying to restore stream file with no data. This was fixed.
  • Aborted stream backup used to create recovery point with no data. This was fixed.
  • elastio iscan malware would segfault. This was fixed.
  • Block ingest was failing for the md raid devices. This was fixed.
  • Catalog service failed: SnapshotCreationPerVolumeRateExceeded error would occur during EC2/EBS backup. This was fixed.