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Enhancements, Fixes, and Known Issues 08/18/2022

The following enhancements, fixes, and known issues are found in this release, dated 08/17/2022:

New features & enhancements

  • EC2 restore was extended to handle the case when AMI image, from which backed up instance was created, is not present anymore. This gives users the ability to restore instances created from older AMIs at any point in time.
  • Jobs “Task” field descriptions on the Jobs page were made more informative. Backup jobs now include links to the asset that was backed up and recovery point that was created as a result of this job.
  • EBS snapshot import was introduced to the Elastio CLI. Now the latest snapshots for the EC2 and EBS assets can be imported into Elastio. When EC2 asset is selected for import, the snapshots of the EBS volumes belonging to it will be imported. Alternatively, there is an option provided to import all snapshots for a specific asset.
  • EBS base backup performance was optimized to read the data faster.
  • Cleanup script was expanded to delete all resources created by Elastio including cost modelling and prediction resources. Now all resources are cleaned up properly at uninstall including those in the newly enabled regions.

Bug Fixes

  • iscan reports sometimes didn’t work in Tenant. This was fixed.
  • chkdsk showed errors for some restored volumes on Windows. This was fixed.
  • Block backup sometimes failed with ‘Block device snapshot set is missing snapshot device’. This was fixed.
  • EBS/EC2 backup would fail in some occasions for unencrypted volumes when default encryption with custom KMS key was enabled. This was fixed.
  • EC2 and EBS backups would sometimes fail with ‘Error communicating with the Extents service’ error. This was fixed.
  • EBS snapshots was improved to always have elastio:component tag to be properly cleaned up by Elastio once not needed anymore.
  • JSON output was broken on Windows for block backup with iscan. This was fixed.
  • In some cases, “Integrity scan failed: Recovery point mounting failed” error occurred. This was fixed.
  • In some cases, file metadata was not preserved at the file restore. This was fixed.
  • Restored EC2 instance would not appear in the Assets tab on some occasions. This was fixed.
  • In rare cases, integrity errors have been found in Windows block backup. This was fixed.
  • In some cases, Cloud Connector Integrity Check job failed with “Error: timeout while waiting for plugin to start”. This was fixed.

Known Issue

There is a performance regression being observed in EBS backups in the current release, which is a side effect to the internal changes in Scalez engine, which ensure backup reliability in case of sudden instance termination. This issue is being addressed and we expect significant performance improvements in a future release.