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Enhancements, Fixes, and Known Issues 01/20/2022

The following enhancements, fixes, and known issues are found in this release, dated 01/20/2022:

New features & enhancements

  • Integrity scan can now be triggered separately for a previously created recovery point through the Elastio Tenant. Two ways to start the scan were implemented. You can go to the Assets page, select an Asset and press the 3-dots menu on the right of the row and click “Scan last recovery point”. If you want to scan an older recovery point, you can open the Recovery points page of a specific asset, select any recovery point, press the 3-dots button on the right and select “Scan”.
  • Alerts were added for the case, when the iScan job cannot access the CDN with the latest ransomware and malware database. In such cases, it resorts to the fallback database embedded in the code, which might lack some latest updates. These cases are rare and are mostly attributed to the network issues.
  • Tenant name is now copied on click from the top left corner of the screen. This behavior is implemented on all pages of the tenant.
  • “Protect immediately” option was added to the third step of the backup policies. By selecting this option you can make sure that all assets are backed up as soon as they appear in your account. This option is not recommended if you use ephemeral instances.

Bug Fixes

  • Description of the restore modal windows was updated to include more details on the operation that will be performed as well as the setting available.
  • Wrapping was added to the long messages on the jobs page to improve the table readability.