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Enhancements, Fixes, and Known Issues 06/22/2022

The following enhancements, fixes, and known issues are found in this release, dated 06/22/2022:


  • Dashboard behavior and design were updated.
  • New filters were added to the Jobs page.
  • Plans were renamed to Policies in Elastio Tenant.
  • “Repair” functionality was added to Sources page of the Tenant. This option would allow to recover from some Cloud Connector failure modes.
  • Jobs filters would not match the ones on Assets page. This was fixed. They now include accounts, kinds, instances, regions, etc.
  • Asset data was exposed on the Jobs page to expand jobs related information.
  • Links to documentation were added to the Dashboard page in Tenant.
  • Incorrect protected items names were observed in the Windows block storage iscan reports on the Reports page. This was fixed.
  • “Policy name” field validation was introduced to the Elastio Tenant.
  • A warning that unlinking a Source is not removing Elastio from AWS was added as a pop-up to the Sources page.
  • Input field on Link Source flow would accept “-“ symbol and produce an error. This was fixed.
  • Allowed symbols suggestion for the Password field would now be shown on the Sign-up page.


  • Cloud Connector installation job was extended with subnet selection.
  • The ability to list VPC’s subnets was added to the “Link Source” flow.
  • Subnet selected upon Vault creation is now stored in Vault data.
  • CloudConnector and Vault repair options were added to the Elastio Tenant.
  • Elastio IAM policies did not allow the lease to be released. This was fixed.
  • Malware scans are now supported on Windows.
  • Foreground elastio iscan will now work on Linux arm64.
  • CLI packages for Ubuntu 21 and 22 are now being published and are available to install.
  • An option to restore to a specific availability zone was added to agentless restore commands.
  • elastio ec2 restore will now allow to override VPC.
  • The default behavior to rely on network config at backup time for restore was modified to be smarter and detect cases when the config is unavailable.

Bug Fixes

  • Default policies were missing in a newly created Tenant. This was fixed.
  • Duplicates of assets would appear in some cases on Assets page after Cloud Connector activation. This was fixed.
  • Email address validation was added to ensure that email addresses are always lower case.
  • Default policies removal from the Tenant was previously possible under some circumstances. This was fixed.
  • Removing custom role would fail with Internal error. This was fixed.
  • Incorrect range number would occasionally appear in pagination after changing the number of rows per page. This was fixed.
  • There were no items on a page with pagination if the amount of total items was higher than the chosen range. This was fixed.
  • Windows EC2 backup would fail if AWS snapshot creation took a long time. This was fixed.
  • An error message for missing artifacts was improved in updating Cloud Connector operation.
  • Vault upgrade would fail with: “Error deleting Batch Compute Environment”. This was fixed.
  • iscan was unable to handle file system corruption properly. This was fixed.
  • Stream restore asked for overwrite even when a file to restore did not previously exist. This was fixed.
  • Block backups would occasionally fail for dismounted devices. This was fixed.
  • Block backup would fail with “Snapshot file is too large” error. This was fixed.
  • Device was still present in the system after elastio umount operation on some occasions. This was fixed.
  • Block restore and mount would fail under certain circumstances on Windows with error “The following devices … were not found in recovery point”. This was fixed.