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Enhancements, Fixes, and Known Issues 01/30/2023

The following enhancements, fixes, and known issues are found in this release, dated 01/30/2023:

New features & enhancements

  • Additional tooling was introduced into Iscan jobs on Linux.
  • The job results were optimized to always fit the permitted size for job updates.
  • IAM permissions for background jobs were extended to support creation of app-consistent snapshots with VSS enabled.

Bug Fixes

  • EC2 backup job would in some cases fail with a panic. This was fixed.
  • EC2 backup error “AWS error occurred with code: ‘InvalidSnapshot.NotFound’” was fixed.
  • A newly created snapshot would not get found in some cases when doing EC2 backup. Snapshot discovery was improved to avoid such cases.
  • A Scalez error “Error connecting to the ScaleZ service” causing the backup job to fail was eliminated.
  • Iscan would sometimes fail for EC2 instances with Windows Server 2019. This was fixed.
  • Iscan abortion was improved to avoid job failures.
  • Two snapshots would get created for EBS volumes where snapshot creation with VSS failed. This was fixed.
  • The “Pre-signed segment URL has expired” error was fixed in the EC2 backup jobs.