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Enhancements, Fixes, and Known Issues 03/30/2022

The following enhancements, fixes, and known issues are found in this release, dated 03/30/2022:


  • An indication that Cloud Connector requires an update on Sources page was added.
  • A meaningful error message would now be displayed when the user logs into the tenant that he does not have access to.
  • A sub-table with EBS that are connected to EC2 instances was added to the Assets table on the Policies page.
  • Search bar on Asset page would now say “Search By Asset ID”.
  • “SLA” tab label was changed to “Frequency” on the Policies page.
  • Delete confirmation pop-up window on Policies page was improved.
  • Creating a policy with an already existing name will now highlight the name of the policy and explain the error.
  • Stream backup should be part of the Cloud Connector Jobs tab from now on.
  • The “In progress” job icon was changed to gold and animation was added to display jobs in progress.
  • A filter to the Asset page was added to filter “Connected” and “Disconnected” assets.
  • The width of the table columns was set up to have a fixed maximum.


  • iscan reports would now be hard deleted on Cloud Connector deletion.
  • Commit hash was added to the lambda versions.
  • Performance of vault deletion was improved.
  • Mount performance on workloads like iscan malware scans was improved.
  • System crash will be avoided from now when memory is too low to perform bio tracing.
  • Shrinking for EC2 restore was implemented in Elastio CLI.
  • s0 database locking on S3 was implemented.

Bug Fixes

  • Volumes of newly created instances were shown as “not attached” on the Asset page. This was fixed.
  • Recovery point links in Dashboard became inactive after being clicked on once. This was fixed.
  • When adding new assets to a policy, they didn’t show up in the Assets column in the Policy table. This was fixed.
  • The Kind column was now correctly displayed on Recovery Point page. This was fixed.
  • File restore command was being displayed instead of stream restore in some cases. This was fixed.
  • Filters on Recovery Points page were fixed.
  • The “Restore Stream” modal window appeared when restoring file/path recovery point. This was fixed.
  • Recovery points page in the Tenant used to show incorrect data and backup sizes. This was fixed.
  • User-added Tag value was replaced with “True” value while restoring EC2/EBS. This was fixed.
  • Overlapping numbers of assets in Assets column on the Sources page was fixed.
  • Reports page used to display incorrect status of the report. This was fixed.
  • Labels on Integrity Scan reports were fixed to match the actual scan type performed.
  • Protected object on the report details page was in wrong format. This was fixed.
  • Restore from the recovery point page did not open the restore dialog. This was fixed.
  • “Create Vault” job would sometimes fail with “HTTP error” message on the Jobs page. This was fixed.