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Enhancements, Fixes, and Known Issues 10/30/2023

The following enhancements, fixes, and known issues are found in this release, dated 10/30/2023:

New features & enhancements

  • Navigation bar was moved to the top right of the Tenant.
  • Protection policy can now include S3 assets. Currently this capability is in preview mode and can be turned on on a tenant basis upon request. Note, that you cannot mix S3 assets with EC2 and EBS within one Protection Policy. Certain path(s), prefix(es) or glob(s), in addition to the whole bucket, backup is available. For more details, visit Policies.
  • In EC2 and EBS backups, when a job fails due to job worker spot instance termination by AWS, previously taken snapshot will be reused for the subsequent job retry.
  • Incremental AWS backup import for AWS EBS recovery points was implemented into Elastio. If a previous AWS recovery point was already imported into Elastio, importing the following recovery point will be optimized by only ingesting the changed data blocks.
  • Direct iScan of AWS recovery points was introduced. It can be performed through Elastio CLI by specifying the AWS recovery point ID after a special flag: --aws-rp. For more details and other types of assets iScan is available for, visit Integrity Scan.
  • Retries were introduced to the iScan database download operation to improve reliability.
  • Additional retries and wait were added to ensure reliable connection to ScaleZ in recovery point creation operations.
  • EBS backup speed was improved by increasing the temporary EBS volume throughput parameter.
  • A tag with key elastio:volume-id and value elastio:asset:aws-ebs:s:<account_id>:<region_name>:<volume-id> is added to all snapshots created for EBS volumes during recovery point creation.

Bug Fixes

  • EC2 and EBS backups would sometimes fail with The maximum per volume CreateSnapshot request rate has been exceeded. This was fixed.
  • Telemetry and logging were optimized. Telemetry SQS threshold was increased for maximum efficiency.
  • EBS recovery point creation would occasionally fail with The snapshot **** does not exist error. This behavior was eliminated.
  • iScan error The connection was not established or has been closed by the antimalware server that resulted in the scan being aborted was fixed.
  • iScan operations would sometimes fail with Provisioner client error. This was fixed.
  • On some occasions iScan would report 0 scanned files. This was fixed.
  • An Error getting changed regions by path: '/dev/nvme2n1' would sometimes occur in AWS recovery point import. The operation was modified to avoid this failure mode.
  • Additional checks were added to ensure that EBS snapshots created during EBS recovery point creation are properly cleaned up.