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Enhancements, Fixes, and Known Issues 01/31/2022

The following enhancements, fixes, and known issues are found in this release, dated 01/31/2022:


  • Policies were introduced to the Tenant. They provide the ability to schedule EC2 and EBS backups and optionally run Integrity Scan (iscan) checks automatically.
  • Policy creation workflow was implemented.
  • The ability to filter assets by tags was added to the Tenant.
  • The recovery point filter now includes asset name and tags as filters.
  • The “Data compression” and “Deduplication Ratio” columns were removed from the Recovery Point details table.
  • Vault name was added to the EC2/EBS restore window.


  • Support of iscan was added to policy creation.
  • Catalog v2 resync was implemented.
  • elastio iscan command was added to the Elastio CLI.
  • Ransomware database was added into the elastio executable.
  • Scheduler was updated to use catalog v2 API and minor schema extension updates.
  • Job status service refactoring was performed.
  • Lambda functions were renamed for consistency.
  • DynamoDB schema in job status service was performed.
  • elastio --version was extended with cloud components versions.
  • Fail fast scenario was added for elastio vault delete <name> --no-delete-contents.
  • Pre-defined and documented IAM policies to perform various operations upon deploying Elastio were added to the CloudFormation resources.
  • EBS restore with shrink was implemented.
  • NTFS resizing was implemented.

Bug Fixes

  • EC2 and EBS assets were not showing up in the Tenant after a deploy. This was fixed.
  • Account settings page used to have a long delay to open. This was fixed.
  • Job window was missing a label (UTC). This was fixed.
  • The flag height on the phone number field was adjusted to fit the size of the phone number.
  • Old browsers would crash when switching to sub-asset page. This was fixed.
  • The recovery point ID from the Dashboard bubbles was removed.
  • Tenant console breadcrumbs wer fixed throughout the Tenant.
  • Asset filter would not be removed anymore when returning from the Recovery Point page to the Assets page.
  • Specifying tag in the Tenant results in timestamp=tag on the RP would fail in some cases. This was fixed.
  • The policy did not run if the start time was later than the end time. This was fixed.

Elastio CLI

  • elastio file restore did not skip inaccessible files and continue processing the restore. This was fixed.
  • Elastio CLI would exit with 0 exit status if filesystem backup failed to backup some files. This was fixed.
  • Block backup was failing for the RAID device on Windows. This was fixed.
  • mount rp would sometimes fail after several attempts on Windows. This was fixed.
  • First umount rp attempt would fail with “The system cannot find the file specified” on Windows.
  • elastio:volume= was missing the volume ID in EBS RPs. This was fixed.
  • iscan-ebs-snapshot would occasionally fail to scan several snapshots. This was fixed.
  • elastio block backup of mounted volume located on disk without partition would not always work. This was fixed.
  • Poor performance of 5TB+ block restore was fixed.

Known Issues

  • Policy creation in the Tenant might take around 110 seconds.
  • Policies might fail if more than 3 items are selected. This restriction will soon be lifted.
  • elastio iscan can only be guaranteed to work on EC2 instances. Additionally, they only work for EC2 / EBS and block recovery points.