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Fargate Stream Backup

The Elastio stream backup functionality can be used from within many environments including AWS Fargate. AWS Fargate is a serverless container execution platform. Elastio can use AWS Fargate to automate scheduled backups. Therefore, the Elastio stream backup function performed through AWS Fargate has a set frequency. This gives a wide range of options to schedule backups for various AWS resources.

For instance, Elastio stream backup performed through AWS Fargate reads the data from a file stored in an S3 bucket and streams it directly into a docker container. The data is deduplicated, compressed, encrypted and is finally stored in Elastio vault. This approach is efficient for protecting data from within AWS Fargate, as well as protecting and restoring data to and from database services.

This tutorial will guide you through the process of creating a docker image to perform Elastio stream backup through AWS Fargate, as well as provide some example of using AWS Fargate to schedule and automate your backups.