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Elastio S3 scanning optimizations

Managing large volumes of data within S3 buckets can pose challenges, particularly when it comes to efficient scanning and monitoring. In addressing this, our CloudFormation template offers a solution by implementing the changelog feature for S3 buckets. This feature proves invaluable as it optimizes the scanning process, especially post the initial exhaustive scan of the entire bucket.

Upon deployment, the template orchestrates the creation of essential components, including an SQS queue and an EventBridge rule. These components work seamlessly in tandem to facilitate the flow of S3 update events to the designated queue. Leveraging this architecture, our system enhances efficiency by ensuring that only newly added objects trigger further scans, thus minimizing unnecessary processing overhead.

Elastio is configured to respond to incoming events from the SQS queue, initiating scans on newly added objects within the S3 bucket. By intelligently leveraging event-driven architecture, we streamline the scanning process, ensuring timely detection of any changes or additions to the bucket contents.

You can find detailed instructions on how to setup changelog for Elastio S3 scans here.