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Enhancements, Fixes, and Known Issues 07/20/2022

The following enhancements, fixes, and known issues are found in this release, dated 07/20/2022:

New features & enhancements

  • Added new AWS region support: Asia Pacific (Sydney) ap-southeast-2. Elastio can now be deployed to ap-southeast-2 as well as previously supported regions.
  • File backups iscan option was added to the Elastio CLI to provide an option to scan the recovery point for malware and ransomware right after the backup is completed.
  • Vault details and Sources pages were redesigned to improve user experience.
  • Performance improvements were implemented in the Tenant.
  • Improved breadcrumbs links on the Reports page to include several Tenant sections.
  • Updated “Switch to Elastio” widget to the new design.
  • OS specific CLI commands were added to the asset restore pop-up windows in the Tenant. now in a matter of one click a CLI command to restore any kind of recovery point can be copied to run on Windows, Linux or MacOS where applicable.
  • The list of filters on the Assets page was expanded to include EC2 and EBS assets types, states and protection statuses.
  • Number of assets in the vault on vault page was made into a hyper link leading to the Assets page with only assets in the said vault listed.
  • Regions without vaults were added to the Source detail page in the Tenant to provide ability to create a new vault from the Tenant.
  • A button to create a vault was added next to the region without vaults on the Source detail page in Tenant.
  • An option to filter Assets by certain policy was added to the Assets page. Now users can see all assets included into a policy at a glance.

Bug Fixes

  • Elastio deployments were made more reliable by adding retries to the terraform operations.
  • “Deploy” button was enabled regardless of some VPCs lacking subnets. This was fixed.
  • Windows EC2 backup would sometimes fail if AWS snapshot creation took a long time. This was fixed.
  • Ransomware scan did not fall back to deterministic analysis if no encrypted files were found. This was fixed.
  • Block backup would fail in some occasions with snapshot file is too large error. This was fixed.
  • Aborted stream backup would sometimes create an empty recovery point. This was fixed.
  • iscan would not work in foreground on Windows. This was fixed.
  • Elastio Snapshots were not tagged with elastio:resource = true. This was fixed to improve the ability to clean up the unnecessary snapshots.
  • Drop down menus used to overlap with the scroll bar on the Dashboard page. This was fixed.